Chinese Auriculotherapy


Books of Chinese Medicine dating back 400 years BC, considered the ear as a "system of relations with all the human body".

Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses the "ear" for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases through the use of needles, seeds, crystals, etc.
Typographically, people have several areas located in the human body with reflex specific functions, such as hands, feet, face, nose, head, tongue, etc.

In the case of Auriculotherapy, each point in our body has a matching headset that becomes perceptive when a reflex  region of the body loses its physiological balance.
The pinna is connected to various areas of the body through energy channels and the nervous system.


Studies show the release of substances such as endorphins or enkephalins, through the stimulation of certain points, as well as the recovery of good inner workings and the stagnation of pain with a great efficiency, without any side effects.

Some of the indications of this therapy:

  •  Postoperative and postpartum pain


  • Inflammation


  • Spring Allergies


  • Joint Pain


  • Sciatica and back pain


  • Insomnia


  • Withdrawal the vices (drugs, tobacco, alcohol ...)


  • Anxiety in diets

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