Craniosacral Therapy


This therapy is part of the non-invasive therapies used to rebalance the body, preventing and improving overall health.

The Craniosacral uses a set of techniques to relax and balance the body and all the craniosacral system in order to eliminate tensions and obstacles that oppose free movement of spinal fluid, to the well-being and health of the person through extremely slow technique. All that changes or affects the free movement of spinal fluid should be corrected so that the nervous system and the body work the best.

  • Improvement of all craniosacral system which improves the functioning of the central nervous system


  • Elimination of the negative effects of stress, depression


  • Pre and post-natal therapy


  • Chronic fatigue, changing and driving the craniosacral rhythm


  • Female reproductive system problems, menstrual pains, difficulty conceive etc..


  • Eases pain in childbirth


  • Central nervous system disorders (which are based on changes or disability (dysfunction) of cranial sacral system)


  • Autism; Paralysis; Dyslexia; Bruxism


  • Asthma, bronchitis, respiratory problems, etc..


  • Sinusitis, dizziness and tinnitus


  • Migraines, headaches, sore neck, back, etc..


  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)


  • Eye problems like strabismus, etc..


  • Hyperactivity, attention disorders, etc..


  • Increased resistance to disease and improvement of all health


  • And many other conditions.

Somato Emotional Release


Somato Emotional Release therapy (SER) is an extension of the Craniosacral Therapy and aims to facilitate the process of liberation of body and mind of the residual effects of various physical and emotional traumas that can remain for years, creating conditions which are sometimes addressed incorrectly.
During a Somato Emotional Release session, the therapist plays a role of facilitator, in order to provide the sick means the allow to express what the person feel during the session and find what affects the person.


There is a work in several structures, including thoracic diaphragm, cranial base, hard palate, etc. Using a specific dialog method and using hands to follow the reaction of the fascias of the body, can be located areas of tension, the so-called "energy cyst" residual areas of physical and emotional stress, which can certainly way inhibit or interfere with the natural function of the system and trigger changes in the human being.


Emotions such as hate, anger, guilt, remorse, etc, are highly destructive and contribute to that certain physical or emotional disorders arise each time over the years. These same emotions may still affect the normal function of various organs and alter their physiology, creating pathological states that often are not detected in time and can have very unpleasant consequences for the patient. Emotional release therapy acts on physical-emotional situations and help the patient find themselves, without in any way cause any interference or influence in their decisions.





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