Algarvian Percutaneos Hydrotomy Center

"This therapy is a remarkable technique for regenerating vertebral disks and joints with arthrosis.

It takes only a few sessions to notice an improvement in pain. "

The role of water and skin in Percutaneous Hydrotomy

Water: it is the best local therapeutic supply vehicle, cellular level, for the injection of products. It provides trace elements and minerals in a true therapeutic cellular "wash out".

The skin: it is the first organ of surface of filtration. It also has a role of microcirculation and immunogen. The created hydrotomy cushion acts as a buffer for the passage of drugs in the systemic pathway, requiring smaller doses of product (action directed to the lesion).

Hand-Syringe Technique

Mesochelation protocol, which consists of the deep intradermal injection of different products.

The mesochelation necessarily uses a large dilution for its practice (notion of Percutaneous Hydrotomy), this dilution obeys 2 particular requirements:


- Use of EDTA at very low dose

- The interest of Percutaneous Hydrotomy allows the hydration or wash out periarticular wash to solve the problem of ph, viscosity etc ...

Mesoperfusion technique

This is a device for infusion. This technique consists of intra-dermal multipoint injection of 12, 18 or 24 at the same time in one or more regions

Mesovaccination technique


Mainly used in inflammatory and infectious diseases. Most allergies, inflammatory or infectious diseases and recurrence are an immunological disorder. It is therefore necessary to be able to strengthen the immune balance by injecting a polyvalent vaccine micro dose and diluted to cause the appearance of antibodies locally in the mucous membrane

Dr. Bernard GUEZ, founder of the therapy and Dr. Luísa Almeida


Therapist recognized by A.I.H.P.

Association Internationale d'Hydrotomie Percutanée

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