Recovery Massage


Recovery Massage is a massage performed using dynamic movements, vigorous and deep, which provides an improvement in terms of strength, flexibility, range of motion and sports performance.

The purpose of this massage is to stimulate a self-regulation of the body, activating the blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the relaxation of the muscles, as well as the entire body efficiency in removing toxins.


This massage assists in physical recovery phase, before and after the exercise, by the elimination of lactic acid, and injuries, promoting the pain relief, dispelling swelling and normalizing the joint motion.

Is a complementary technique to alternative medicine, increasingly sought when dealing with physical matter, musculoskeletal diseases, namely muscular problems. However it is not only the physical effects of massage that count but also the psychological effects, and is a therapy indeed with regard to the emotional level, relieving the stress of everyday life and anxiety, stimulates the positivism and enhances self-esteem.

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