Stop Smoking Now!

Cardiovascular Disease

Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA -  Stroke)


Respiratory Disorders (chronic lung disease, emphysema, difficulty breathing)

Premature Aging

Memory Reduction

Cancer (lungs, kidneys, tongue, throat, larynx, stomach, skin, among others)

Bad Smell

 Weak absorption of nutrients

Weak nails and hair

Olfactory Decrease

Financial Expenses

These are just some of the problems caused by tobacco. BUT ALL THIS YOU KNOW! Just close your eyes and think that only happens to other people.

Say to yourself out loud: TODAY is the DAY!

Today is the day I'm going to be stronger than the addiction;
Today is the day I will stop being a slave to cigarettes;
Today is the day I'm going to have my body smell back, in which people will feel comfortable in my presence. 
Today is the day I'm going to hug my son without weights. 
Today is the day I will be more!

How does it work?

The difficulty to quit varies depending on the organism of each person. For some it's easier but for others it may be more difficult. During withdrawal there are several symptoms that can become evident as anxiety, sleepless nights, irritability, uncontrolled appetite, constant yawning, discomfort in the throat...


The withdrawal with Auriculotherapy is effective because it reduces all the symptoms described and increases the effectiveness of the body in the detoxification of foreign and unwanted substances, acquired during the time you smoked regularly.

In the first query will be filled a questionnaire that will make us have a general idea of your state regarding the dependence to nicotine.
During the sessions, are needled specific points that are directly related to the desire to smoke, reducing it dramatically. In addition to these, are worked points that have a relaxing effect of nervous system, thus reducing any anxiety caused by smoking cessation, as well as the desire to eat with the purpose of replacing the cigarette.

In addition to the ear points needled in consultation, will be applied at specific points, semipermanent, needles that will accompany the process of withdrawal over the days until the next appointment, which, together with a homeopathic supplement, will help you overcome the task to quit smoking.

In total, are provided for only 3 queries to the success. The time between them may vary, depending on your level of addiction to nicotine. In post-treatment, are advised spaced queries to avoid relapse and get solidify the success!

When is the right time to quit smoking?

Yesterday was too late! Every breath that gives a cigarette, about 4,000 harmful substances enter into your body. However, to be a direct hit, there are some factors to consider before treatment.

Do you really want to quit smoking? This is the fundamental question that has to be done to yourself. A treatment, whatever it is, without having really the will to quit smoking, just because you are under pressure from someone, can be an unnecessary financial and psychological wear.

Avoid festive season - any treatment before a new year's or Christmas, for example, is unnecessary because it can become a most difficult task.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case anything comes up! If you read the article all the way and really want to quit smoking, never been so close ... why stop now?

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