Why does Auriculotherapy work?

"When stimulated with heat or by inserting needles a zone of the body, increases the temperature automatically on reflex zone on the headset point."

According to some professionals, among them Dr. Nogier, the somatotopy discovery should be interpreted as a match with the three embryonic leaves (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm.)


For others, the somatotopia is explained through the richness of the innervation of the pinna and its therapeutic action is based on a system of reflex stimulation. To understand how does this stimulation, we can compare with the so-called Reflex Arc of the Involuntary Nervous System. For example, when you feel a strong heat on hand, through sensitive way, the information is transmitted to the spinal cord and this, via motor, is stimulated in turn a group of muscles that cause the movement of the hand in response to the stimulus of the extreme heat. The Auriculotherapy provokes a similar response in the corresponding organs.












In the 70's, Dr. Cho, Medical Internist and Auriculotherapy Expert in Japan and France, developed the Delta Reflex Theory. This theory demonstrates that if you stimulate with heat, or by the insertion of needles for 10 or 15 seconds an area of the body, increases the temperature automatically on reflex area in point headset. Also, when the ear points are stimulated, the temperature in the corresponding parts in the body also increases.


According to Chinese Medicine, the somatotopy is explained by the connection through Meridian between the pinna and the internal organs.
In a careful observation, it was noted that all meridians, either directly or through their secondary branches, connect with the ear. These meridians have a very close relationship with the internal organs and thus the ear also shares this relationship. 


Fonte: Auriculoterapia de la subsérie Materiales Académicos de Medicina China, en el marco de la Colección de la Fundación Europeoa de MT

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