Wi-Fi radiation accounts for 47.7% of spontaneous abortions.

A World Health Organization consultant, John Goldsmith, proved that the exposure to radiation of microwaves Wi-Fi has become the main cause of abortions. In total, 47.7% of the cases, in the seventh week of pregnancy, are caused by these waves.

The level of radiation is estimated around 5 microwatts, a very low level, if we take into account that most of the students and the children receive a higher radiation in a classroom equipped with Wi-Fi.


The figure is all the more worrying given that, according to Goldsmith, the absorption of waves in children can be ten times greater than adults. The brain tissue and bone marrow have a different content, which creates a stress that can cause irreversible damage in mitochondrial DNA.

The WHO document where are described all these problems has been labelled ' Top Secret ' and its contents remain hidden. However, according to Barrie Trower, waves of Wi-Fi can also affect blood-brain barrier, brain, immune system and bones.


According to Trower, taking into account the latest discoveries, if uncontrolled expansion of Wi-Fi systems by the year 2020, cancer and genetic mutations will be extended as a pandemic around the world.

The Russian National Committee says in a report on the protection against radiation, between children exposed, there is an increase of 85% of Central nervous system diseases, 36% in epilepsy and 83% in the risk to the fetus and immune diseases.

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